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I can highly recommend Pamela’s Back Strengthening Yoga Class.  Having had lower back issues for many years, this course has help me regain and maintain an active lifestyle. Pamela’s classes are professional, enjoyable and welcoming to all levels.-Justin McGinn

I love  Back Yoga because it helps me keep my back and even my knees without everyday pain. In other words, I am sorted.-Linda Travickova

I suffer with lower back pain and since starting Pamela’s Back Yoga I found the classes to be a great help strengthening my back and preventing injuries and back pain. I would highly recommend them.-Evelyn Murphy

Yin Yoga-It’s my favourite Yoga Class as all the poses are Floor Poses. I love the stretches especially the Shoelace pose.
I read once that one has to find the right Yoga teacher. I found Pamela. Brilliant teacher and very relaxed and I always enjoy her class.- Geraldine O Connell

Yin Yoga – I highly recommend this class, I love all the poses and the flow of the class. It relaxes you from head to toe. I always get a great night’s sleep and I feel great the next day. Pamela is brilliant in what she does. I would highly recommend all the classes Pamela does. I really look forward to them every week. Thank you Pamela –Lorraine Hogan

The main reason that I love my sat morning Yoga flow class, is because it’s fun!  Pamela always encourages me to listen to my own body and to move at my own pace. Doing her class gives me energy, when it’s over I feel stronger, and I feel like every joint in my body has had one long wonderful stretch. It sets me up for my weekend. Thank you Pamela.- Dorothy Nevin

Pamela’s class on Saturday morning is a tonic. Great start to the weekend.- Valerie Dolan

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We are hoping to be back in our lovely Lotus Yoga Studio in September for Mon 8pm Back Yoga & Saturday Morning 10am Flow Yoga but in the mean time over July & Aug we will continue with our Online Live & Recorded Classes. 🧘🏻‍♀️Mon 8pm Back Strengthening Yoga so we are all not walking…

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